Posted by: evedlewis | May 4, 2015

Cheonggyesan — Mountain Hike


I love hiking. If I could hike every day — I would. Korea is the perfect place for hiking nuts like me, because there are so many various mountains and routes. One could climb a different trail every day here and never get bored. Each mountain has its own interesting scenery, peaks and challenges.

I have climbed tons of mountains in Korea, but my favorite mountain in Seoul is Cheonggyesan. This mountain is so incredible, because it’s close, easy to access, easy to climb, and not too rugged or rocky.

I normally go there at least once or twice per month during every season. Even though it’s beautiful anytime of the year, please be sure to bundle up and wear several layers of clothes if you plan to go in the Winter. You should also wear spikes on your shoes during the winter months to avoid any accidents on the icy and snowy paths. The mountains are very dangerous and slippery when they are icy. Of course, you must also pack plenty of water and food in a hiking bag for your trip. It takes an hour to two hours to get to the lower peaks — depending on your speed. The tallest peak will take 3-5 hours to reach — depending on your speed.

The views on the lower peaks at Cheonggyesan are not very amazing. You must go to the tallest peak to see the spectacular scenery. The city views are really easy to get to if you want a very quick hiking experience. Once you enter the main mountain entrance, continue right and make the first right turn up a path that has a sign pointing to “city views”. This is the easiest climb, and can be completed within an hour with no stops. The other routes are more challenging and take longer to complete. Therefore, you should only attempt those routes when you have enough time and energy.

Hiking in Korea is such a phenomenal experience. I highly recommend that you check out this list of mountains and hike as many as you can >>>>>

Going into the belly of nature always has such a cleansing and refreshing effect. Spending time in the woods is essential to our mental, physical and spiritual health. When you are ready for a mountain adventure in Seoul, I highly suggest that you take a trip to Cheonggyesan.

To get there, take the Red Line — Shinbundang to Cheonggyesan Station. Once you exit the station, continue straight towards a small town shopping area. Turn right at the first main corner, go under the bridge and continue towards the mountain. Turn right again at the first corner and walk past several stores to get to the mountain entrance. The walk from Cheonggyesan station to the mountain entrance is about a mile long.


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