Posted by: evedlewis | May 21, 2015

Lamb!!! Glorious Lamb!!! ;) ;)


Dakalbi is good, Donkasu is okay, Galbi is amazing and Gamjatang is perfect. However, there comes a point when nothing can compare to the tantalizing taste of lamb. πŸ˜‰

There are several good lamb places in Seoul. However, I have found that the absolute best place to find fresh and succulent pieces of lamb is at YangGood in Yeoksam. (Yeoksam-dong near Gangnam)

I normally order the grilled lamb skewers and the lamb soup when I go there. However, they have many other types of Halal options available. The lamb soup is outstanding with a very unique and distinctive rich taste that will have you craving more.

The owners and the employees are extremely attentive and responsive to their customers — even when the place is packed. They provide top notch service, and they will cook your meat to perfection. You can choose to grill your own meat at the table, or the staff members will do it for you. The restaurant is huge with plenty of space for large groups. It’s the perfect place to go alone, on a date or with a group of friends.

The next time you are craving some lamb, you should try YangGood. To get there >>>>> Take the subway — (Green Line #2) to Exit #4 Yeoksam Station on the green line. Turn around at Exit #4 and turn left at the Starbucks Coffee. Walk straight past the first two corners — to the third street on your left. Make a left. Continue to the first street and make another left. Walk down the hill and Yang Good is on your left. πŸ˜‰



  1. hey hey, i’m new in Jeonju.
    wonder if you know any place to go out around?
    many thanks!

    • Hello Jun!!! Sorry — I’m not in Jeonju anymore. I’m not sure what there is to do there these days. Tons of things to do in Seoul tho. I suggest that you take the bus to Osan/Songtan or Seoul for the weekend. Unless things have changed — There is not much in Jeonju. Sorry about that. 😦

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