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Guam FTW — Summer Vacation In Guam 2015


I was debating between traveling to Guam, Cebu or Boracay for my summer vacation this year. I did some preliminary research and decided that Guam would be the best choice for a few reasons.

For starters, one of my co-workers traveled to Guam this year and highly suggested a visit (Thanks Dave!). Secondly, I checked prices and noticed that I could book a complete package (flight and hotel) to Guam for under $500. Finally, Guam is just a four hour flight from South Korea, and the hotel I found was less than five miles from the airport. I liked the idea of being able to come and go so easily, since I would only be there for three full days with an early flight out on the fourth day. For some reason, I was drawn to Guam because everything seemed very easily accessible, and I didn’t think it would be too complicated to get around. I figured that I could get a lot done and cover a lot of ground during my three day stay. I was absolutely correct, and I’m glad that I chose Guam for my summer vacation spot this year. 😉

As usual, I wanted to spend most of my time on the beach. I booked the Santa Fe Hotel, and I was very satisfied with the location. The hotel is on the beach, and they have a restaurant and pool with great ocean views. There is a small island that you can walk to from the hotel. The water is shallow enough to walk out without having to swim at all. Note: there is a huge shift in the high and low tide, so please keep that in mind while visiting.

My room at the hotel was huge and spacious with a nice balcony view of the ocean. The hotel was not super glamorous and luxurious. However, it was an affordable place to stay with clean facilities and helpful staff members. Three minor things to keep in mind if you chose the Sante Fe Hotel: 1) They do not provide free bottled water. You will have to stock your own. 2) You will have to pay a $40 early check-in fee if you want to check in early. One perk is that they do have an affordable shuttle bus back to the airport. You just need to book your reservation with the front counter one day in advance. 3) There are “American” outlets (120 volts) in Guam, so you will need to purchase an adapter/converter for your plugs (if you have Korean devices or 220 volt plugs).

I spent my first day on the beach and resting. Day two was spent riding around the island from the North side to the South side. My final day was spent relaxing at the pool. 😉

My second day there was the most exciting, because I got to see a lot of Guam in one day. I went to “Two Lover’s Point” on the North side of the island, and I saw several awesome coastal views and small villages on my way down to the South side of the island. I was also able to catch a traditional festival with a fire show, and I played pool at a local bar.

I really wanted to climb Lam Lam Mountain while I was there, but I wasn’t able to pull away from the pool on the third day. 😉 I saw a McDonald’s food trailer for the first time in my life, and I had some really good Jamaican and Thai food. The Sante Fe Hotel also has a great restaurant and bar, so I would recommend that visitors to the island eat there, even if they are not guests at the hotel. The restaurant and bar are both open to the public. >>>>>>

Food tip 1 >>>> You can order tacos and rice a la carte for just $8.00 – $10 instead of $18.00 at the Santa Fe Grill. Ask your waiter/waitress for an order of two tacos and a side order of rice — instead of ordering the full taco plate on the menu.
Food tip 2 >>>> You MUST eat at Jamaican Grill. SO GOOD!! >>>>

There is a Kmart on the island for those who want to stock up on American products. Since Guam is a USA territory, the currency used is the US Dollar and the language spoken there is English. I was extremely fortunate to have met someone who drove me around the island. However, I would advise travelers to rent a car from the airport, because the taxi fees in Guam are extremely expensive. For example, the fee for a taxi ride from the airport to nearby hotels within a few miles is $25.00. YIKES!!! :0

If you want a nice escape to the closest American island in the East, you should plan a trip to Guam for your next vacation. 😉 😊 ☺ See more pictures on my Instagram account: @KoreanKream

Places to Check Out:

— Two Lover’s Point >>>>>

— Underwater World >>>>>

— Mount Lam Lam >>>>>

— Tumon Bay Area >>>>

Top 30 places to visit in Guam according to Trip Advisor:

Awesome Article with more details about Guam:

I went to the beaches in the Tumon Bay area, and they were beautiful.
However, here are some other beach recommendations.

Guam Beaches:













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