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Jejudo!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ May 2016 

My first trip to Jeju Island (Jejudo) was in September 2010, after my first year teaching contract finished in South Korea. I went there alone and stayed for one week. Jejudo is known as “the Hawaii of South Korea” — and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful place with so much to do. I enjoyed my solo trip to the max, and decided to return almost six years later in May with my hubby. 

I normally always book a hotel on the beach, however, I decided to book a hotel in the city this time. We stayed at the Familia Hotel and really enjoyed the nice, clean and modern accommodations there. The free breakfast was also super healthy and satisfying. 🙂

While in Jejudo, we enjoyed horseback riding, an easy coastal hike, the sex museum, an old traditional folk village and the beaches. 

One of the best beaches in Jejudo is Jungmoon beach. We went to a few other beaches, but they were not as nice as Jungmoon, because they were flat with no seating areas. You can bring a chair or a blanket to Jungmoon beach and hangout there for a bit. The other beaches are more for sightseeing — not for relaxing. 

In addition to several beach options, there are also many horseback riding places from which to choose. We really didn’t know which ranch to pick, so we randomly chose the Okay (OK) Ranch because it was close to us. I suggest that you go to the Jeju Visitor’s Center to get maps and information about all the things to do on the island. There is a horseback riding map available, which specifically indicates all of the horseback riding companies and their locations. This map was extremely helpful for us as we navigated in our rental car. The people at the OK Ranch were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We paid around 40k won – 60k won for an hour on the horses. The riding path  through the woods was nice, and we also had a chance to gallop in open field areas. 🙂🙂🙂

Next on our list was the Sex Museum and a Folk Village. We had a great time at the museum. Lots of educational information mixed with erotic art. We spent about an hour or so looking around and paid just 12k won each for the entrance fee. There are several kinds of museums on the island, like a Teddy Bear Museum and a Chocolate Museum, but we were only interested in the sex museum. 🙂🙂🙂🙂 (Warning: Graphic images below)  The Folk Village was cool too. Lots of historical information there. We walked around for an hour or so there and did not pay an entrance fee. 

Our final activity was a coastal hike at a very small mountain called Songagsan. It was extremely windy and cold that day, so I had to wear a light jacket — even in May. The scenery was very nice, and there were horses on the mountain as well. We walked slowly there and took in all the fresh air. Even though we both enjoy hiking, we skipped Hallasan and the other more strenous mountain hikes to do an easy stroll instead. 

The two best meals we had were 1) the “famous” black pig meat at a well-known Samgyupsal restaurant and 2) a huge bowl of pork noodles that tasted like chicken noodle soup from another local favorite restaurant in the “noodle district”. We also tried Horsemeat one night, but we were not very impressed with this meal. The two pork dishes were superb and worth recommending. 

We only had a three day weekend to enjoy Jejudo, so our time was pretty limited.  We also went during a busy holiday weekend, so we decided to take a ferry ride back to the mainland. All the return flights were either booked or not direct, so we bought tickets at the Ferry Port back to Yasu. You can simply ask a taxi to take you to the Ferry Port or ask the Information Center how to get there. Once you arrive, you may need to buy tickets from the “back office”. There were no workers in the front when we went to buy our ferry tickets in advance. 

The Ferry ride wasn’t bad. We both took dramamine before boarding the ship (there is a pharmacy upstairs at the ferry port), and we shared a large room with 14 other people. There was a restaurant, arcade and a norebang on the ship, and the room we shared was pretty comfortable. We ate and slept and arrived in Yasu five hours later. They do have single rooms on the Ferry. However, the tickets were 150k won per person and the shared rooms were just 40k won per person. So — we opted for the more affordable choice. 

We stayed the night in Yasu and returned to Jeonju the next day. We had a great three day holiday weekend filled with fun, laughter and adventure. Jejudo is the perfect place for either a quick escape or a long relaxing vacation. 

We spent a little over one million won for this trip ($1k), and it was totally worth it. This price included Expedia flight tickets for two, the rental car cost, food/activities, hotel costs and the ferry boat ride. 


1. Black Pork – 돈사돈

(they grill all the meat for you and the taste is amazing, but it’s a little pricey). A second option might be 솔지식당.

2. Pork Noodle Soup – 구제주에 있는 골막국수 

(If the store is not open or hard to find, you can visit any noodle place in that district)


Familia Hotel Jeju



  1. Great pictures, Eve! This makes me really miss Korea. I feel like that’s my native land now. Congratulations again on your marriage!

    • Thank you David!!! 🙂🙂 I will miss Korea so much too. Jeonju is def my “second hometown”. We may be back in the states next year for good. Another reason why I’m taking and posting so many photos this year. This might be my last year here!!! Hope all is well with you and your wife in the USA. 🙂🙂🙂

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