Posted by: evedlewis | August 21, 2016

Seonyudo!!!! July 2016 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

After week-long news reports of people being shot by the police in the USA on top of week-long news reports of Korean women being stabbed to death by Korean men in Korea, my mind and soul were tired and aching for respite. 

In a live video stream posted by his girlfriend, Philando Castile, died from gunshot wounds after USA police fired shots into their vehicle. Earlier in the week, Alton Sterling, 37, was pinned to the ground by two officers before being shot to death. Dylan Noble, 19, was shot and killed by police in California and 6 Latinos were killed during the first week in July — including Anthony Nunez, who was also 19 years old when he was murdered. 

In South Korea, a woman was stabbed to death by a man in Gangnam who was “tired of women rejecting him and mistreating him”. In the months after this stabbing, which occurred in May, there were constant news reports of other women getting stabbed to death by men in various areas; including at the mountains. 

In the past, I would not be as aware of the Korean/USA news because I didn’t watch it very often. However, I watch the news daily these days with my husband, and he tells me what is happening in English. As an ESL teacher, I also discuss various world news stories in my classes. Sometimes the constant reportings of rape, violence and murder get to me. Especially when I continue to hear about women being murdered by men and police killing unarmed citizens. Breaks from watching and discussing the news are a necessity to keep my sanity in tact. 

Therefore, the trip to Seonyudo was not a typical cheerful escape. Instead, it was a time for prayer, reflection, meditation and mental cleansing. 

Seonyudo is a small island off the coast of Gunsan, which is just an hour bus ride from Jeonju. From Jeonju, you can get on a bus to Gunsan at the “Shee-way Bus Terminal”. The bus ride is just 10k – 15k each way. 

Once in Gunsan, you can take a bus or taxi to the port. You will go to the “Gunsan Coastal Port” to take a one hour ferry ride to Seonyudo island. 

The taxi ride to the port is about 20 minutes and costs 10k-15k each way. If you decide to catch the bus, walk left from the Gunsan bus terminal and catch Bus #7 or #85 at the bus stop in front of the KB Bank and Hotel on the corner. Make sure you ask the bus driver to drop you at the coastal terminal. If you miss the stop — it’s a far walk back. 

The last ferry leaves from the port at 2:30pm, so you should be there by 2pm to buy your tickets. Take a taxi to the “Gunsan Coastal Port” if you are short on time. 

The ferry ride was very nice and comfortable. Once you land in Seonyudo, there are a few different activity choices on the island. They have ATV and bicycle rental. The ATV rental is about 30k won per hour, and I’m not sure about the bike rental cost. They also have a short zipline over the water — which was 15k won per person. 

We decided to ride around the island on an ATV and also do the quick zipline ride. The island was decent, and it was refreshing to get away from Jeonju for the weekend. 

We had lunch at a Sushi Bibimbap place and returned to Jeonju later in the evening. There are a few different restaurant choices on the island. However, they seemed to get very crowded quickly, so bringing your own sandwiches and snacks might be a good idea.

There are some nice areas for picnics and tents, for those who want to have a picnic and tent or camping experience. The island is a great place for couples, friends and families. 

Seonyudo is also a great place for casual or serious bicycle riders and cyclists. You can enjoy 5 islands from Sinsido to Daejangdo including Seonyudo by bike. You can rent a bike in Sinsido, and you do not need to use a passenger ship. You can bike your way across the islands if you wish. 

Like most beach areas in Korea, the sand is not white and the sea is not crystal clear or blue. However, the natural scenery is very nice and refreshing when you want a break from the city life — and/or when you need a break from the news. 


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