Posted by: evedlewis | August 22, 2016

Naju Water Park!!!! August 2016 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s summertime in South Korea — and it’s scorching hot!!! Perfect time of the year for some water park action. There are quite a few water parks in South Korea, but most of them are super far away from Jeonju — about 3-5 hours away.  After considering a few options, hubby and I decided to go to Naju for the weekend to cool off at the Jungheung Gold Spa Resort and Waterpark. 

Naju Waterpark is not too far from Jeonju, and it’s fairly easy to get to. You can take a bus to Gwangju from the Express Bus Terminal in Jeonju and then take a one hour shuttle bus from Gwangju (Usquare) to the waterpark.

The total trip will take 2.5 to 3 hours, so it’s best to leave early in the morning if you want to have a full day at the waterpark. 

We decided to spend the night in Gwangju and then we headed to the waterpark by taxi in the morning after getting some good sleep. 

There are a few things to keep in mind before heading out to the waterpark. Here are some important tips:

1) The entrance fee is a bit expensive. We paid 60k won per person for two adults (120k won total — just to enter). The price may go down after peak season or with coupons. However —- that is the BASE price to enter the sauna and waterpark during the summer months. You will also have other expenses while you are there.

2) This is a sauna and waterpark. You have to enter and change/shower in the sauna area before entering the waterpark.

3) After you pay to enter the sauna — you must go to a separate counter area inside to load money onto your key card. At most saunas in Korea, you can use your key card and pay before you leave. However — at this place, you must load your key FIRST. I would recommend loading 20-50k won onto your card. You will need money once inside the water park and you cannot use cash for the most part. 

4) There is NO ATM at the sauna/waterpark. If you need to get cash or transfer money —- get cash and do transfers before arriving. 

5) You must wear a swimming cap or hat at the waterpark. Bring your own. Or — You can buy a cheap 5k won swimming cap at the store there if you want. 

6) You must wear a swimming vest at the waterpark. There is a 4k won charge for the vest, and you must use your key card to pay for it. 

7) They have restaurants and snacks there. You must use your key card to pay for these items. 

8) If you go during peak season — it will be very crowded. It was pretty crowded when we went, but still enjoyable. The lines for the water slides weren’t too bad. 

9) You may have to pay extra money to ride certain “main attraction” rides — like 1k won or 2k won. You will also need to pay for these fees with your key card. 

10) There is a shuttle bus that will take you back to Gwangju Station (Usquare). Ask the shuttle bus driver about the schedule. We did not see a schedule posted, so we simply paid for a return taxi — instead of waiting for the next shuttle bus. I have read that the shuttle bus is FREE — however, I can’t confirm that. 

All in all, the waterpark was fabulous. We stayed there for just a few hours and had lunch there too. The swimming cap and vest rules were a bit annoying, especially because nobody informs you of these rules before you enter the waterpark. After getting money on our key cards and getting the required vests and swimming caps, we could enjoy the waterpark with no problems. 

The rides were awesome and the wave pool was nice. I would highly recommend that you go check out this place if you want to enjoy a one day trip or a weekend summer adventure. 

They also have a lake area with other water activities and pensions/hotel rooms if you wanted to stay at the resort overnight or for a few days. 

I was glad to get my initial information about this waterpark from this awesome blog post. Read more here for more information:

Here is a list of other waterparks in South Korea if you want to check out other areas:


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