Hello and Welcome to my blog!  I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and will be living in Jeonju City, South Korea until March 2012.  Many people wonder why I traveled to South Korea to teach English.  To put it simply, here are the reasons why: 1) I was laid of from my wonderful full-time job in the states in March, 2) I have wanted to do this since I was 20 years old (teach English in another country), 3) I have wanted to travel to other countries and live for months at a time since I was born, 4) I love children and other cultures – I love to teach, learn, grow and progress, 5) I needed a change and a new direction in my life – and this was the perfect opportunity for me.  Of course I miss my family, and of course I am homesick – BUT – I am loving every minute of my experience here.  Why don’t you read more about all my adventures, and feel free to call or e-mail me anytime.  Also – I am a professional photographer, and I would love to pick up new clients in Korea – please call me to schedule your next photoshoot.  Cell Number: 010 – 3072 – 3501 – Email: evedlewis@gmail.com – Photography website: www.evedlewis.com



  1. I was looking into the ESLPARK site and came across your testimonial and found your blog. Very good stuff, too bad you havent written since September! I wanted insight on how life is there before making any decisions. But I read every single entry and wanted to say hello and how are things so far there?

    • Hey Shannon!! Thanks for checking out my blog!! All is well!! My last entry was on November 13th – not sure why u didn’t see my November posts – Hmmmm. I was Sick for a few days in November – and I have been a little homesick over the Thanksgiving Holiday. (We don’t get any days off for Thanksgiving – but I went to TWO dinners on Saturday that were FABULOUS!!!!!!) Otherwise – everything has been wonderful!!! When are u planning on coming?????

  2. Hi there!
    Your blog is great. Glad to hear you’re having a good time. I might be coming to Jeonju in a few months and might be working for TnMe Academy. Since you’re the resident expert I was wondering if you’ve heard of this institution and if so good or bad things. Also, any other thoughts you can share about this city would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Hey Richard!! Thanks!! Sorry – I have never heard of that Academy — there are soooo many in Jeonju. However, I would recommend that you visit the Jeonju Hub at http://www.thejeonjuhub.com. There is a place for you to send an e-mail and inquire about schools there. Jeonju is a great city!!! Check your e-mail for more details. Good Luck!!! 😉

  3. I love this blog? Where are you teaching now??


    • Hey Kristina — thanks for reading my blog. My plan is to head back to Jeonju in December. I will be teaching at the same Academy for another year if everything works out as planned 😉

  4. Hi, Eve! My name is Renee, and I’m also from Atlanta. I have been offered a contract teaching in Jeonju as well at one of the Avalon schools. I’m slightly worried about moving to a place so much smaller than Atlanta. Was wondering if you could fill me in on the city. Thanks so much!


    • Hey Renee — Awesome!!! Check your e-mail for more details about Korea 😉

  5. Hi Eve!

    I’m also from Atlanta and I ran across your blog and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about ESL Park and your experiences so far?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hey Crystal — Sure!!! What is your e-mail????

  6. Thanks Eve, I will check out the SpaLAqua later, that will be my first time.

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